Messi’s Faith and Football: A Testament to Divine Providence

In an old interview with Argentine newspaper Olé, conducted by journalist Mariano Dayan, Lionel Messi was asked if he was making promises to fans for the World Cup. His response reflected a deep faith: “I don’t like promises. I always believe that God is the one who decides, decides what happens, when and how. If he wants it to happen, you may do the impossible, and not win in the end.”


Accompanying the interview were striking photographs by Marcus Galliard, capturing moments of Messi and Dybala, alongside a clip of Emiliano’s remarkable save during the tournament. This visual juxtaposition underscored Messi’s belief that “God is the one who decides what happens and how it happens.”


During Montel Messi’s shot, he was seen looking up at the sky, and in conversation with journalist Andy Kusentzov, he revealed, “I was praying to God that it would be recorded and that the night would pass peacefully.” This contrasted with some accounts that suggested he was referencing his grandmother.


In a documentary about Argentina’s Copa America victory, Messi’s pre-match speech to his teammates resonated with this sentiment: “We were supposed to play the final on our home soil, but God wanted you to be here, so that we could defeat them here in the Maracana.”


Despite his numerous achievements with the national team in a short span of time, Messi viewed them as a testament to God’s plan for him. Reflecting on the World Cup, he expressed, “After all those scenarios, and everything that happened, and all my attempts, I felt that God would give me the World Cup.”

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In Messi’s world, God is the ultimate arbiter of fate, guiding his journey on and off the pitch.






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