How To Play Chinese Christmas?

Are you looking for a unique and exciting game to play during Christmas? Look no further than Chinese Christmas! This festive game is a popular tradition in many Chinese families, offering a fun and interactive way to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or just having a small get-together, Chinese Christmas is sure to bring laughter and excitement to your festivities.

Chinese Christmas, also known as White Elephant Gift Exchange, involves a group of people exchanging gifts with a twist. Participants bring wrapped presents and place them in a designated area. The game starts with a player selecting a present and unwrapping it. Then, the next player can either choose to unwrap a new gift or steal an already opened one. This continues until all presents have been opened, and everyone has had a turn to steal or select a gift. It’s a lively and interactive game that adds a playful element to gift-giving during the holiday season.

How to Play Chinese Christmas?

Introduction to Chinese Christmas

Chinese Christmas, also known as 圣诞节 (Shèngdàn jié) in Mandarin, is a unique holiday celebration that combines elements of Western Christmas traditions with Chinese culture. In recent years, it has gained popularity in China as a festive occasion for friends and family to come together, exchange gifts, and enjoy special meals. While Christmas is not an official holiday in China, it has become a significant cultural phenomenon and is celebrated by many young people and urban dwellers.

Chinese Christmas festivities are distinct and offer a fascinating blend of Chinese and Western customs. From decorating homes and streets with lights to exchanging gifts and enjoying festive meals, the holiday season in China has a charm of its own. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Chinese Christmas and learn how to celebrate this unique holiday in an authentic and meaningful way. So, let’s discover the traditions, activities, and customs that make Chinese Christmas a delightful celebration.

The Origins of Chinese Christmas

The celebration of Christmas in China traces its roots back to the 19th century when missionaries brought the Christian faith to the country. The initial introduction of Christmas in China was primarily limited to missionary communities and foreign enclaves. However, over time, the holiday began to gain popularity among Chinese youth, who were fascinated by the festive atmosphere and cultural exchange it represented.

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Today, Chinese Christmas has evolved into a secular holiday that is embraced by people from all walks of life. It is often seen as an opportunity to enjoy the spirit of giving, spread joy, and spend quality time with loved ones. While Christmas in China does not possess the same religious significance as it does in Western countries, it has become an important cultural event that reflects the country’s openness to embracing global traditions.

Decorating for Chinese Christmas

One of the most exciting aspects of Chinese Christmas is the decoration of homes and public spaces. While some decorations resemble those found in Western countries, Chinese Christmas decor also incorporates traditional Chinese elements, creating a unique festive atmosphere.

Many Chinese people decorate their homes with Christmas lights, ornaments, and wreaths. Streets, shopping centers, and public parks are also adorned with colorful lights, creating a magical ambiance. In addition to the typical Western decorations, it is common to see red lanterns, paper cutouts, and traditional Chinese knots integrated into the Christmas displays.

The use of red in Chinese Christmas decorations is particularly significant, as red is considered an auspicious color in Chinese culture, symbolizing good luck and happiness. Red lanterns and paper cutouts shaped like Chinese characters and symbols are hung around homes and public spaces, adding a touch of Chinese tradition to the festive atmosphere.

Exchanging Gifts on Chinese Christmas

One of the highlights of Chinese Christmas is the exchange of gifts among family, friends, and colleagues. The tradition of exchanging gifts is not deeply rooted in Chinese culture, but it has become an integral part of the Chinese Christmas experience.

When selecting gifts for Chinese Christmas, it is essential to consider cultural preferences and customs. While there are no strict rules, it is common to choose gifts that reflect thoughtfulness and sincerity. Here are a few ideas for Chinese Christmas gifts:

  • Red envelopes (红包 hóngbāo) with money inside: Giving red envelopes with money is a traditional Chinese custom, particularly during important festivals. It symbolizes good luck and blessings for the recipient.
  • Ornaments and decorations: Chinese Christmas decorations, such as lanterns, paper cutouts, and traditional Chinese knots, make meaningful gifts that can be used to adorn a home during the holiday season.
  • Tea sets: Tea is an important part of Chinese culture, and a beautifully designed tea set can make an elegant and appreciated gift.
  • Traditional Chinese artwork or calligraphy: Chinese paintings, calligraphy scrolls, or other traditional art forms can be cherished gifts for those interested in Chinese culture.
  • Food and treats: Gourmet food items, such as traditional Chinese snacks or high-quality tea, can be a delightful gift for food lovers.
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When presenting a gift, it is customary to offer it with both hands as a sign of respect. The recipient is expected to receive the gift with both hands as well. It’s also considered polite to refuse a gift gently at first before accepting it.

Celebrating Chinese Christmas with Traditional Food

In Chinese culture, food plays a central role in celebrations, and Chinese Christmas is no exception. While the specific dishes may vary depending on personal preferences and regional customs, certain foods are commonly associated with Chinese Christmas.

One traditional Chinese Christmas food is “苹果 (píngguǒ)” which means “apple” in Mandarin. The pronunciation of “苹果 (píngguǒ)” sounds similar to “平安夜 (píng ān yè)” which means “Christmas Eve.” As a result, it has become a popular tradition to give apples as gifts or incorporate them into festive meals on Christmas Eve in China.

Another dish that is often enjoyed during Chinese Christmas is “圣诞餐 (Shèngdàn cān)” or “Christmas dinner.” This meal is typically a fusion of Chinese and Western cuisines, with dishes like roast chicken, turkey, hot pot, dumplings, and various Christmas-themed pastries.

It’s worth noting that Christmas dinner is more commonly enjoyed in urban areas of China, where Western influence is stronger. In rural areas, the emphasis is often on traditional Chinese dishes or local specialties.

Chinese Christmas Games and Activities

Chinese Christmas is not just about decorations and food; it is also a time for fun games and activities. Here are a few popular Chinese Christmas games and activities that you can enjoy:

  • Gift exchange: Similar to the Western tradition of Secret Santa, Chinese Christmas often involves a gift exchange among friends, where each person brings a present and receives one in return.
  • Guessing games: Some families play games where they guess the contents of wrapped gifts or try to identify the giver based on clues.
  • Carol singing: Inspired by Western traditions, some Chinese Christmas celebrations include carol singing, with groups of friends or community members gathering to sing festive songs.
  • Movie nights: Watching Christmas-themed movies or Chinese New Year films is a popular activity during the holiday season.
  • Charitable activities: Many people engage in charitable activities during Chinese Christmas, such as volunteering at community organizations, donating to charity, or visiting nursing homes.

These games and activities add to the festive spirit and create memorable moments for everyone involved. They are an excellent way to bond with friends and family and make Chinese Christmas celebrations even more enjoyable.

Chinese Christmas Traditions and Beliefs

Chinese Christmas has its own unique set of traditions and beliefs that add depth and meaning to the celebrations. While these traditions may vary depending on the region and personal beliefs, here are a few common ones:

  • Attending Christmas Mass: For those who practice Christianity, attending Christmas Mass is an important part of the celebrations.
  • Lighting candles: Lighting candles symbolizes hope, blessings, and the triumph of light over darkness. It is a common tradition during Chinese Christmas.
  • Visiting temples: Some people visit temples during Chinese Christmas to offer prayers and seek blessings for the coming year.
  • Charitable acts: Giving back to the community and engaging in acts of charity is considered an essential part of Chinese Christmas. Many people participate in donation drives or volunteer their time to help those in need.
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These traditions reflect the spirit of Chinese Christmas and emphasize the importance of kindness, gratitude, and goodwill towards others. They bring a deeper meaning to the celebrations and remind people to spread joy and make a positive impact on their communities.


Chinese Christmas offers a fascinating blend of Western and Chinese traditions, creating a unique holiday experience. From the decorations that combine Chinese elements with Western aesthetics to the exchange of gifts and festive meals, it is a time of joy, togetherness, and cultural exchange. Whether you are celebrating Chinese Christmas in China or interested in incorporating Chinese customs into your own holiday traditions, understanding the significance and practices of this holiday can enrich your experience and deepen your connections with family and friends. So, embrace the spirit of Chinese Christmas, and enjoy this delightful celebration!

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Key Takeaways: How to Play Chinese Christmas?

  • Chinese Christmas is a gift exchange game often played during Chinese New Year celebrations.
  • The game involves participants bringing and exchanging wrapped gifts.
  • A traditional way to determine the order of gift selection is by drawing numbers or playing a dice game.
  • Once the order is established, participants take turns unwrapping and stealing gifts from others.
  • The game continues until all the gifts have been opened and everyone has a gift to keep.

If you want to learn how to play Chinese Christmas, it’s a super fun game!

First, gather a group of friends or family members and bring small, wrapped gifts.

Then, everyone sits in a circle and takes turns rolling a dice.

When someone rolls a six, they can choose a gift from the pile and unwrap it.

After that, the game continues in a clockwise direction, with each person taking a turn to roll the dice.

The fun part is that the gifts can be stolen! If someone rolls a six and wants a gift that’s already been opened, they can take it from someone else.

The game continues until all the gifts have been opened, and everyone gets to keep the gift they end up with.

So, grab some friends, wrap up some gifts, and enjoy a lively game of Chinese Christmas!






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