Emmanuel Adebayor Criticizes Andre Onana’s Late Arrival and Lack of Respect for Cameroon

Former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor has strongly criticized Cameroon goalkeeper Andre Onana for what he perceives as a lack of respect towards his country.

Adebayor expressed his dismay at Onana’s behavior, particularly his late arrival, which led to him missing Cameroon’s match against Guinea in the AFCON tournament. According to Adebayor, Onana’s actions have “alienated” himself from his international teammates and African supporters.

In an interview with Sport News Africa, Adebayor emphasized the importance of respecting one’s country, citing his own experiences as a player. He highlighted that even as a key player for his national team, he never acted in a manner similar to Onana’s late arrival.

Adebayor suggested that Onana’s behavior indicates underlying issues, possibly within the football federation. He warned that Onana risks losing support from Cameroonian and African fans, as well as facing repercussions within the team due to his actions.

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