Charges Issued Against Everton and Nottingham Forest for Violating Premier League Financial Regulations

Premier League Clubs Everton and Nottingham Forest Face Charges for Violating Profitability and Sustainability Rules

Premier League regulations allow clubs to incur a maximum loss of £105 million over three seasons (£35 million per season). Nottingham Forest, having spent two seasons in the Championship during the latest assessment period, were subject to a maximum permitted loss of £61 million.

Both clubs have acknowledged breaching the rules for the assessment period ending in the 2022/23 season, prompting their cases to be forwarded to the chair of the judicial panel. Separate, independent commissions will be appointed to determine suitable sanctions, which may include fines, points deductions, or other sporting penalties.

In a previous incident in November, Everton received a 10-point deduction, the most significant sanction in Premier League history, for violating profit and sustainability rules. The club is currently appealing this punishment.

Responding to the recent charge, Everton criticized what they perceive as a “clear deficiency in the Premier League’s rules.” The club emphasized that the Premier League lacks guidelines preventing a club from facing sanctions for alleged breaches in financial periods already subjected to punishment. Everton pledged to defend its position during the ongoing appeal, considering the impact on supporters as part of the process.

Nottingham Forest expressed their commitment to fully cooperate with the Premier League on the matter and expressed confidence in achieving a speedy and fair resolution.

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