A Bittersweet Farewell for Mourinho at AS Roma

Heartbreaking scenes as Jose Mourinho bids farewell to Roma’s Training ground in tears and utter devastation….  Roma’s fans held a special place in Mourinho’s heart.

Roma’s Journey Before Mourinho:
– 15 years without a trophy
– 1 European Final back in the 20th century
– 0 European trophies
– A half-empty stadium

Roma’s Transformation Under Mourinho:
– Played in BACK-TO-BACK European Finals
– Secured 1 European trophy
– UEL Final loss in a penalty shootout
– 40 consecutive sold-out matches at the Olimpico
– Revived passion among Romanistas

Roma was respectable before Mourinho, having reached the UCL Semis, but the invaluable passion he reignited within the club is undeniable. Fans, who had once abandoned home games, returned in large numbers to support Jose and his team.

Regrettably, not the perfect ending…

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