Wayne Rooney Was sacked after 15 games in charge: What’s Next For Him?

The 38-year-old was named the head coach of the team on October 11, a move that followed the contentious dismissal of John Eustace when the club was positioned sixth in the league standings.

However, the team’s performance has declined since his appointment, descending to 20th in the rankings. This downturn was highlighted by a recent 3-0 defeat at Leeds, marking their ninth loss in the 15 games under his leadership.

Acknowledging the demanding nature of the sport, Rooney admitted that the results hadn’t met his expectations. “Football is a results business, and unfortunately, the outcomes haven’t aligned with my aspirations,” he commented.

In the interim, Steve Spooner, a professional development coach, will assume temporary managerial duties at Birmingham. The club has also severed ties with a member of Rooney’s coaching staff, the ex-Wolves and Wales midfielder Carl Robinson.

Expressing his disappointment, Rooney revealed his intention to take a hiatus from football. He extended his gratitude to co-owners Tom Wagner and Tom Brady, along with chief executive Garry Cook, for the chance to manage Birmingham City and their support during his tenure.

He reflected on the brevity of his term, stating, “While change is necessary, 13 weeks is a short span for such an endeavor. This experience has been a significant setback for me.”

With a long history in professional football, both as a player and a manager, starting from the age of 16, Rooney now plans to spend time with his family and regroup as he anticipates future managerial opportunities.

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