Cristiano Ronaldo Confident: Declares Saudi Pro League Superior to Ligue 1

In a recent interview, football legend Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his strong belief in the growing prowess of the Saudi Pro League, boldly stating that it is already better than the renowned Ligue 1 after spending a year with Al Nassr.

“I can confidently say that the Saudi Pro League is more competitive than Ligue 1. I’m 100% sure after experiencing it firsthand for a year. We are better than the French league already,” Ronaldo declared, emphasizing his contentment with Al Nassr and expressing optimism about Saudi football’s future.

The Portuguese star predicts that the Saudi Pro League will soon be among the top three leagues globally, bringing pride to the people of Saudi Arabia. “Saudi is in a process, it will take long, but then they will go to the top level,” he remarked.

Ronaldo also highlighted his personal achievements, proudly stating, “I was the best goalscorer this season at almost 39… imagine beating young animals like Haaland.”

As for retirement plans, Ronaldo revealed, “The moment I feel I’m done, I’ll retire… and maybe in 10 years!” The football icon seems unwavering in his commitment to the game, leaving fans eager to witness his continued impact on the pitch.

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