Buffon Suggests Increasing Goal Size Due to Goalkeeper Height Evolution

Gianluigi Buffon, the renowned Italian goalkeeper, recently sparked an intriguing conversation about modifying the dimensions of soccer goalposts. In a discussion with his family, Buffon reflected on the significant changes in player physique since his career began in 1998. He observed that while he used to be among the tallest in Serie A, he now finds himself as one of the tallest on the pitch, even in Serie B with Parma.

Buffon pointed out that the current goalpost size, established in 1875, might not align with the modern athletes’ physical attributes. He drew parallels with volleyball, where the net height is a subject of debate, a topic he’s familiar with through his sisters who play the sport.

He acknowledged that the decision to change goal sizes isn’t his to make but suggested it’s worth considering given the evolution in goalkeeper stature and the corresponding changes in outfield players who are now faster, more unpredictable, and powerful in their shots. Buffon highlighted the impact of taller goalkeepers on long-range shooting, noting a decrease in goals scored from a distance compared to three decades ago.

He concluded by emphasizing the importance of re-evaluating the goal size in light of these developments in the sport.

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